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Oakantswe Construction and Projects

Oakantswe Construction & Projects is a 100% black female-owned company with over 13 years of experience mainly in the Electrical and maintenance space. We offer a diverse range of electrical infrastructure, installation, and maintenance services for commercial, retail, industrial, and property development customers and clients in South Africa.

By partnering with Oakantswe, you can be assured of working with a company that is genuinely committed to making a difference in the community and businesses. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results while prioritising the well-being and empowerment of the people and customers we serve.

Our Values


Our Vision

To become the top black South African economic empowerment electrical and civil engineering company, recognised for excellence, innovation, and commitment to empowering our employees and communities.

Our Mission 

To ensure that everyone from small households to large companies has safe access to electricity and civil infrastructure by providing superior services to our clients and making sure our cost-effective input enhances community development, at all times, everywhere

“The construction industry in South Africa has long grappled with
gender imbalance, with women comprising only 1.4% of the
non-administrative workforce. However, Oakantswe’s success
as a 100% black female-owned enterprise serves as an inspiring
example of entrepreneurship, igniting hope for a more inclusive and
diverse future within the sector.”

- Construction World, May 2023

“Under Moloi’s leadership, the company has become a formidable force,
delivering electricity solutions to entities of all sizes,
from humble households to large corporations.
This funding will enable them to meet clients' escalating electrical
contracting needsthroughout the country, further cementing their
position as aleading player in the industry.”

- Ivor Price, Ventureburn, 2023

“This is an exciting opportunity to back a
highly competitive blackwoman-owned construction
company in South Africa,”

- Alex Rodrigues, Edge Growth